Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Welcome Back

You are a part of the world's largest bike giveaway attempt. By clicking here you've proven people still communicate with each other and better yet, you're listening.

Your click represents one trip around the world for this picture via modern technology. Where you clicked from represents where one of these very donated bikes might end up. Quite possibly on your own doorstep; helping you, your family, or someone you know.

I'm putting together a "How To" blog on how you can receive and give out bikes at no cost to you besides a little time.

Stay tuned....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Repurpose Flyer

Help Bear & the Choir repurpose bikes
to anyone who is in need of a bike

All bikes are saved from the landfill and are given to their new owners by Bear, Rocket, and the Choir
Free of Charge
with Referrals from: Military Personnel, Police & Fire Departments, and Social Workers

Because Bear believes no one should be bikeless.
“A bike may change the circumstance.”

Where: Moreno Valley, CA
When: 9:30a till dark daily (lunch 1:30p – 2:30p)
Closed Tuesdays

For more info please call Ed at (951) 924-9277
(please leave a message)

All recipients must be accompanied by guardian with photo ID.

Thank you!

Summer's Project

Summer wanted to sell popcorn and water. Her stand is in the works.

The Shop

Happy Mother's Day!

El Nacho

Bruno Montague

Fold up mountain bike.
I'm thinking fold up beach cruiser...

The first bike I ever had...

And it seems like my exact bike... I'm in the process of making a 50's style tank from scooter discard.


Special thanks to


The Better People at have graciously allowed me the use of "Bib" the Michelin Man who himself was headed for the shredder because his promo was over. He now has a home with Better Bike Ranch. I look forward to using him in the greater cause of saving bikes from the smelter or landfill and putting bikes back in the hands of people who can use them.


The Better Bike Ranch mascot now has a mySpace page. (thank you to Nana for helping Bear out) Please check out You too can make a life better by giving your unused bike to a need in your own community or contact us and we definitely will!

Better Bike Ranch
Where bikes happen!